Dear Westside,

It brings me enormous joy and gratitude to have been invited to be your candidate for settled ministry at Westside UU Congregation. Each morning I mark an X on the calendar by my desk, one day closer to coming back to West Seattle, meeting all of you and starting our journey! In talking with your ministerial search team and your previous minister, in reading newsletters and websites, in talking to folks who know the congregation, it is clear to me that yours is a healthy community built on love for one another and seeking justice in the wide world, healthy and hopeful and yearning to grow in every way. I am so excited for all that we will do together!

My wife, Ariel, and our son Rowan (who turned three just last week!), are likewise very eager to come and meet you. Though Ariel and I have lived in Canada our whole lives, we’ve both been connected to continental Unitarian Universalism since we were teens attending cons (on opposite coasts). They’re both very excited about this transition and Rowan keeps asking if we can visit Wheedle on the Needle when we explore our new home. I’ve been collecting ideas for family fun they can have in West Seattle and beyond, but would love to hear about your favourite places too. 

When I came to visit Westside and its surrounding communities, I felt very much at home in the landscape, among the people, and touring the neighborhoods. And no small part of that feeling came from the time I got to spend with your ministerial search team. I am so impressed by the care and love they show one another, by their ability and commitment to work through the hard things with compassion and conviction, by their unceasing laughter and the tears we shared. They have enormous pride and love for this community, for all of you. I knew in meeting them and hearing their stories that I felt called to be with you too, to serve the hopes and aspirations of you good people, to celebrate your joys and offer strength in your sorrows. To be yours as you will be mine. 

We’ll be with you for Candidate Week from April 27th to May 5th. I invite you to explore this website to start to get to know me, my family and my approach to ministry. I can’t wait to be with you.

Rev. Christopher Wulff