Rev. Christopher

Stewards of Wonder and Awe

Time for All Ages: Multiple voices telling Carole Martignacco’s The Everything Seed, a beautiful, big bang creation story. Reading For our reading this morning, I’m going to invite you to do what the kids did earlier. When I get to the end, I’m going to invite you to spend a moment thinking about what it… Read more »

Best Friends Forever?

Reading I would like to offer three quotes from The Will to Change: Men, Masculinity and Love, a book written by bell hooks. Before I read, I’ll note that in other parts of the book, hooks makes recognition of the ways masculinity is constructed within and beyond the cisnormative and gender binary bias, but it’s… Read more »

If I Can’t Dance, It’s Not My Revolution

Opening Words We come this day, as we have so many Sundays before, searching, seeking. We come this day, with news from afar and from quite close, that weighs heavy in our hearts. We come this day, to remember the hope we hold, the dream that guides us, the spark that comes each time we… Read more »

The Human Trampoline

Reading Two ways to open an eggby Alexandra Franzen “Watch me open this egg!” the first woman said cracking the pearly skin against a cold metal tin a swift separation a dead yellow gem there, it’s open she said watch me open this egg! the second woman said placing the orb in the encircling arms… Read more »