Ministry is, literally, the service and care of another. We often make it more complicated than that, but, at heart, that is what we all find ourselves doing in our UU communities. When we’re working in the garden, singing in the choir, writing a new strategic plan, giving folks rides to church, or taking another’s hand and singing Amen. All of these are ministry. A UU Minister is simply someone who has made this practice their profession.

In the spectrum of ministry forms, I’m closest to a servant minister. My ministry is understated and collaborative, deeply relational, seeking to witness to the stories of those around me, and reveal in those stories how we may be inspired by one another to greater interdependence and meaningful living. I take space when necessary, but my ministerial priority is to make and hold space that invites people to feel welcomed, inspired, connected. I value informality and approachability, with a relational pulpit and a recognition that ministry can happen everywhere. Sometimes the best pastoral care happens when we’re peeling potatoes together.

In this section you can learn more about my approach to faith formation, pastoral care, social justice, worship and music, and leadership/governance.